Best of Madison 2016


There is a lot of work to be done if you want to be your best. You can’t put in a mediocre effort and expect to come out on top. It requires you to sacrifice and push the envelope. All for what though? You can’t become the best without recognition, but it’s not about accolades. It comes down to a genuine appreciation for what you have brought to the table.

Best-of-Madison-VotingIt takes the collective opinion from those who know you very well in order to be awarded with a title like “best”. Best of Madison 2016 is here and Rare Steakhouse eagerly awaits your opinion. It has been our goal since day one to be the best at what we do, and that’s to create the most unique dining experience possible. We have a deep passion for our craft and it is our hope that we have lived up to our goals.

What makes Best of Madison so special to us is the local aspect. Non-Wisconsin-born franchises or corporations are not allowed to enter. We love the history of Madison which helped picking the location for Rare Steakhouse so easy. It was the original Baron’s Department store from the 1930’s.

We wanted to keep the tales of old Madison alive, tell the story and set the bar high for service. Everyone at Rare Steakhouse would like to say thank you for visiting us. You’ve made it possible for us to pursue our dreams. We look forward to another great year of serving a unique steakhouse experience to the city of Madison. Voting for Madison Magazine’s “Best of Madison 2016” goes through October 17th 2015. You can vote once a day and we ask that you vote for us for these categories:

Best Steakhouse

Best Chef – Travis Vaughn

Best Ambiance

Best Upscale Dining



Best Wine Bar

Bartender: James Wiebe

Best Happy Hour