Over 1000 wines on hand

What a wonderful time to be alive…and drinking wine! It is easy to argue that the quality and diversity of wine available right now is the best that it has ever been. Here at Rare Steakhouse we are proud to offer an encompassing array of some of the finest wines available.

There is every option you could want to enhance a truly memorable evening. Begin, perhaps, with an elegant, vintage Champagne or nuanced Riesling from Alsace to compliment our indulgent seafood tower. Naturally, we have a strong selection of wines that go well with steak: from rich, lush Napa Cabernet to robust, spicy Tinto de Toro.

After the meal explore our many fine Ports and Late Harvest Wines. To help guide you through your experience, our Certified Sommelier, and our veteran dining room captains have in-depth knowledge of our extensive list. Click below to learn more about our current wine features.

Pairings for pure perfection



per glass

Pine Ridge

Chenin Blanc + Viognier (CB + V)

One of the versatile (as well as somewhat unusual) white wines that we offer by the glass is the Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier (CB + V). The aroma of the wine suggests an array of exotic fruits, however on the palate it retains a fresh, sprightly character that makes it very food friendly.

Perfect Pairings

The Seafood Tower

From the sea-salt mineral burst of fresh-shucked oysters, to the velvety richness of lobster salad, this dish offers a wide range of flavors. Luckily the CB + V offers a range of qualities as well; the lush fruit in the front embraces the rich flavors of the dish and the tart finish zips right along with the lighter notes.



The Chopped Salad

Both this dish and the wine have multiple layers of flavor that compliment one another. The salad has bright bites of crisp, sweet vegetables enhanced by the creamy elements of ripe avocado, fresh mozzarella cheese and roasted garlic dressing. This wine steps up to dance with the vegetable flavors and cuts through the richness to invigorate the palate for the next bite.


Tuscan Style Brick Chicken

This dish has all of the elements of a comforting chicken dinner elevated and brought into focus in a way that makes it feel distinct from “home cooking”. The chicken is plump and juicy with a crisp salt-kissed skin, just as the wine offers juicy fruit flavors with a crisp, refreshing finish.


Jason Wedner is our Certified Sommelier. He was certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers, the premier international examining body of wine and spirit professionals.

To learn more about how he can help you choose the perfect bottle of wine for your Rare Experience, visit our about page!

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Know Your Wine

There are many aspects that go into fully appreciating a fine wine. Here are a few elements (and a lot of questions) to begin the conversation:


There is a lot to be gained from simply evaluating the look of a wine. First off, notice the color. If you have a white wine, is it nearly clear or a rich golden hue? Are there any hints of green or pink?

With red wines we are looking for shades of red, purple and even black. Perhaps there is an orange or blue tint around the edge. How concentrated is the color?

Is there variation in appearance from the edge to the center of the glass of wine? All of this can begin to give you an idea of what qualities the wine holds.


Over 80% of what we perceive as “taste” actually relates to our sense of smell. So, swirl that wine (in order to get the maximum amount of micro-particles airborne) and give a good sniff.

Smell from the top of the opening of the glass and the bottom. Get your nose all the way in the glass and then pull back about 6 inches. Can you still smell the wine? What do you smell?

Is it primarily fruit or earth? What color is the fruit, is it just barely ripe or falling off the vine. What do you imagine the wine will taste like?


Finally you get to taste the wine! Pay attention to the first taste (the attack), the middle taste (mid-palate), the last and after-taste (the finish). Do you taste the same flavors that you smelled?

What is the body of the wine like; does it feel light, lively on your tongue or full and weighty? What does your mouth feel like after you taste? Is your mouth watering from the acidity in the wine? Is there a coating of sweetness?

Perhaps, it was a tannic wine that left a dry sensation behind? Finally, did you like the wine? Because, ultimately, that is the most important assessment of all!

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